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"Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo" is a sacred 'nine-syllable' Buddhist mantra.

It (conceptually) translates as :

"May the Light in our heart bring the awareness of harmony perceived by spiritual awakening, and bring sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness in what we are achieving."

or, if you prefer:

"The Wisdom of the Four Hearts leads us to Enlightenment"

The 'Four Hearts' ( lit: Four Perspectives) are:
The Merciful Heart
- expresses love for everything
The Sincere Heart
- follows.what is right
The Attuned Heart
- follows the natural order of things
The Dedicated Heart
- holds to the chosen pursuit.

Shiken (four perspectives): is the sensation and the harmony perceived by the sense of hearing and heart.

Haramitsu (-in Sanskrit: Paramita): is Buddha's Satori or a permanent state of spiritual awaking that transcends the limitations of life and death.

Daikomyo: is the 'Great Komyo' - the 'big bright light' of illumination - the light of your heart - the Radiance of a Deity (Buddha, Bodhisattva, 'Vidyaraja', etc) - the manifest expression of the Light of Wisdom: the means by which illumination "dawns on us."


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