Monday, January 23, 2012


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

By thy great and fearful name, and by the power of thy help, O Living King, full of compassion, rich in gifts, and abounding in love, I stretch forth my hand and call unto thee, O our Lord, Jesus Christ, and upon thy Holy Name, which thou hast put upon the dead and they came to life, and the leprous became cleansed, and the blind had their eyes opened, and those sick of the palsy thou didst heal in thy grace:

(concerning) the fever-horror, fear, and trembling, the head-ache, eyes-ache, and every pain and grievous sickness, which lay hold of mankind, as thy command chased the fever-horror from the mother-in-law of Simon Peter, and caused the light of righteousness to shine upon that man, out of whom six devils went forth:

and thou didst heal them in thy grace, namely, her from whom the blood flowed, and thou didst make whole the man sick of the palsy by the living word proceeding from thy lips: and by thy living and holy voice didst thou rebuke the sea, which was by the lake Tiberias, and didst calm the billows and the tempests in the sea, and there was a great calm and rest,so now, we beseech thee, grant strength to the weak, and send thy help unto this thy servant who beareth these writs.

May he be healed from all pains and sicknesses and grievous sufferings by the prayer of all the saints. Amen!




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