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Conspiratia Tacerii - Protectia la Atacurile Psi - partea 1

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Secret World Of Wellness: Ancient China

The timeless culture of China created the worlds first wellness bible 2,500 years ago. The Chinese pursuit of a perfect balance between mind and matter, spirit and body, was nothing less than the quest for immortality. Because of its undeniable power, this ancient medical knowledge still flourishes today. The Chinese practice of health and wellness is based upon the observation and understanding of Chi in the human body — the mysterious pathways of energy — the life force present everywhere in the universe.


Virtual Opioid 2.0 - Multilayered Frequencies To Create A Sedative Effect


Human growth hormone release

A combination of frequencies that can help stimulate the pituitary gland and elevate the levels of HGH in your body.
HGH can help with anti aging, muscle growth, collagen production, wrinkle reduction, reversing hair greying etc.Share

Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success With Subliminal Hypnosis & Br...

Improve self confidence and develop a positive attitude by listening to this binaural beats session on a regular basis.

Phase 1: Alpha (12 Hz) ; Phase 2: Theta (6 Hz); Phase 3: Delta (3 Hz).

Subliminal messages will be played throughout - these will assist your mind in developing the right mental attitude for success.

I attract success and prosperity with all of my ideas.
Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me.
All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success.
Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open.
The positive advantage is always mine.
Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind.
I AM the example of success and triumph.


Virtual Opioid 1.0-Serotonin & Endorphin Release With Isochronic Tones-C...

Use headphones for best results, and listen to it all the way through to feel the effects. It's best to be lying down with your eyes shut.

Specifications of this brain entrainment session....

2.5 Hz (Delta) The production of endogenous opiates

10 Hz (Alpha) Designed to induce an Increase in levels of Norepinephrine, Serotonin and Endorphin

22.5 Hz (Beta) An effective frequency for serotonin release

38 Hz (Beta) Endorphin release.Share

Shamanic Drumming- Theta Binaural Waves


Confidence Booster! Binaural Beats + Positive Affirmations - Reprogram Y...


432HZ-8HZ - The sound of YOU !

432hz vibrates on the principals of natural harmonics and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness.
432hz Natural Tuning has profound effects on consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies.

Energy is a truly indestructible force.
It never dies or diminishes, it merely transmutes form through rates of vibration and mediums.
The energy that makes up you and I have always been, and always shall be present in the universal "all" of things.
The energy in the form of atoms in your body was at one point, part of a star or galaxy and it is a scientific fact
that you completely change all of your body's atoms every seven years, replenishing the source from where you came from.
This exchange of energy is in a constant inflow and outflow state throughout the "All" of creation both in the micro and macro planes of the universe.
Everything is in electromagnetic vibration. Nothing escapes this basic universal law.
The vast majority of what we understand as electromagnetic vibration is largely invisible and only accessible through the recent rediscoveries of the true nature of energy on a quantum level.
Of the measurable side of energy we can only perceive less than ten percent of the electromagnetic spectrum in the form of Matter, sound, light and past our crude senses, are the frequency realms of radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays and x-rays.
The narrow band of visible light and audible sound are directly related in the form of frequency harmonics.
Sound is measured in cycles per second (or hertz), which humans can perceive from around 20 cycles per second to around 20000 cycles per second. Light is measured in the trillions of cycles per second.
From a theory standpoint, if you double the wavelength of sound by forty times you start to reach the vibrational frequencies of light.
If you had a piano that was forty octaves long you could surpass tone and play the visible colours of the spectrum.
Like wise if you had a piano that moved in the opposite direction the slowest frequency waves would form into matter.
These are the extremes of visible electromagnetic vibration, which states that if something moves fast or slow enough it can seem at rest.
If I could spin a bicycle wheel fast enough, not even a bullet could penetrate the space between the spokes of the wheel.
The universe that we perceive is not really solid, it is only vibrational attractions of energy at their highest and lowest forms.
Everything is in a constant cosmic dance from the smallest quantum sub particles to the majestic waltz of stars and galaxies.
Thought plays an important role in the universe for it too, is also a measurable range of vibrational frequency.
The body also is generating its own magnetic frequency fields, in the form of electrical energy.
Each cell in your body is vibrating the electrical equivalent of 1.7 volts.
When you add up how many cells are in the body you reach an estimated energy potential of seventeen trillion volts per person.
Dr George W Crile from Cleveland discovered That small amounts of matter now called "radiogens" within protoplasm are producing light and heat in excess of 3,000° and 6,000° C
There seems to be exhibiting the same behavior and groupings of star clusters and galaxies within our bodies. This brings further solidity to the hermetic axiom "As above so below".
Thought can regulate how the rest of the body vibrates and subconscious thought pilots the spin of the body's energy chakras.
There is a fundamental principal involved with vibration, which involves a correspondence called sympathetic vibration.
In other words a vibration wave when doubled or halved produces a sympathetic resonance vibration in the medium.Share

528 hz (Love Frequency, brain correction)


IQ Increase - Brainwave Entrainment Forest Session 1/3

Zen Garden


IQ Increase - Brainwave Entrainment Forest Session 1/3

Right now, you are a only a few steps away from accessing your genius mind through the power of binaural waves.

Curious about binaural waves; click the link:

For scientific evidence; click the link:

The following sessions will focus on increasing your ability to memorize information & concentration.

- Plug your headphones into your computer/mobile phone/mp3player and start the video
- It's important that you are doing some kind of activity that requires mental attention. (Chess, studying etc.)
- Finish all the 3 videos in your current session and quit it right after.
- Do this for 5 days out of 7

*Results are already noticeable after a few days.Share

Concentration Alpha Super Focus Binaural Beat + Waterfall Music 30m


Study Aid 3 - Gamma Frequency - Isochronic Tones

Super Brain Wave (Theta Wave).

Theta wave identified as the gateway to better memory, increasing creativity, enhancing learning, reducing stress, awaking intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.
Theta Brain Waves can produce to optimize brain power when you hear it.

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Green Snake full movie

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Kung Fu Hustle[2004]-Full Movie(Eng Version)



Healthy Cold Breakfast Cereal


Five Fats You MUST Have in Your Kitchen

Five Fats You MUST Have in Your Kitchen

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Top Five Foods to Never Buy at the Healthfood Store

Top Five Foods to Never Buy at the Healthfood Store


101 Uses For Soured Raw Milk

101 Uses For Soured Raw Milk


Foot Zone Therapy: Drug Free Pain Relief

Foot Zone Therapy: Drug Free Pain Relief

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Тенсегрити. Серия для намерения. Русский перевод.

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Sanatate cu flori - LILIACUL

Sanatate cu flori - LILIACUL
Desfide orice concurenta in mate­rie de culoare si de miros.

Cu flo­rile lui parfumate cu ambra si imbracate in cele mai suave nuante de alb, mov si roz, este asul de inima al primaverii si al iubirilor patimase.

Ceea ce nu-l impie­dica, totusi, sa fie si un strajer al naturii, paznic sau ajutor la suferintele omenesti. Planta bogata in uleiuri aromate, se bucu­ra de cautare atat in terapiile naturiste, cat si in cosmetica.

Leacuri din flori de liliac

* Diabet. Se recomanda administra­rea unui decoct din muguri de liliac, co­lectati primavara, devreme, cand sunt ga­ta sa "plesneasca". Mugurii se usuca, se rasnesc si se pastreaza in borcane cu filet.

Peste doua linguri de pulbere se toarna 200 ml de apa fierbinte, se pune la fiert pe un foc slab (sau baie de aburi) timp de 15 minute, apoi se filtreaza si se aduce la volumul initial cu putina apa fiarta. Se bea cate 1 lingura, de 3 ori pe zi.

* Guta, reumatism, depunere de sa­ruri, artrita.

1. Tinctura: Florile de liliac se pun intr-o sticla de jumatate de litru, pana la gatul ei. Se toarna peste ele alcool de 40 de grade, se lasa la macerat timp de 21 de zile la intuneric, apoi se filtreaza si se storc bine florile. Se beau 30 de pica­turi, cu 50 ml apa, de 3 ori pe zi, inainte de mese, timp de 3 luni.

2. Unguent: doua linguri de flori tocate sau mixate se amesteca bine cu 2 linguri de unt (osanza topita sau untura de gasca), se tin pe baie de aburi 30-40 de mi­nute, se lasa la racit si se pas­treaza nestrecurate, la frigider. Inainte de cul­­care, locurile bolna­ve se incalzesc cu un foen si se frictioneaza cu un­guent. Conco­mi­tent, se bea tinctura din flori, cate 30 de picaturi, de 3 ori pe zi, inainte de masa.

* Rani, lovituri, re­u­matism: la o ceasca de flori de liliac se adau­­ga 0,5 litri de tuica si se lasa la ma­cerat timp de doua saptamani. Se utili­zeaza sub forma de comprese, ce se schim­ba de 3-4 ori pe zi.

* Artrita reumatoida, depunere de saruri in articulatii, pinten osos. Flori uscate de liliac se macereaza in alcool de 40gr. (intr-un raport de 1:10), timp de 8-10 zile, intr-un recipient inchis etans. Se administreaza cate 30 de picaturi, de 2-3 ori pe zi, cu putina apa. In acelasi timp se freaca locurile dureroase sau se fac impa­chetari cu aceeasi solutie.

Leacuri din frunze de liliac

* Bolile inflamatorii ale rinichilor, pietre. In medicina traditionala este utili­zat extractul din frunze de liliac. Peste 2 linguri de frunze zdrobite de liliac se toar­na 250 ml de apa calda, se aduce la punc­tul de fierbere, apoi se indeparteaza de pe foc si se infuzeaza lichidul invelit in plapuma, timp de 2-3 ore.

Se strecoara si se stoarce. Luati 1 lingura, de 4 ori pe zi, inainte de mese. O cura dureaza doua sap­tamani. Dupa o pauza de 2-3 sap­ta­mani, daca este necesar, procedura se poate repeta de 3-4 ori.

* Plagi purulente. Inca din batrani frunzele proaspete de liliac erau renumite in tratamentul tesutului cutanat. Pentru spalarea ranilor, puteti folosi infuzie din frunze.

In acest caz, doua linguri de frun­ze uscate se aduc pana la fierbere, cu 200 ml apa, si se infuzeaza timp de 2-3 ore. Se filtreaza si se aplica sub forma de spa­laturi si comprese.
Sanatate cu flori - LILIACUL
* Raceala cu febra. Preparatele din liliac au proprietati antiinflamatorii si sudorifice. La primele simptome aparute se prepara o infuzie din 2 linguri de frun­ze tocate peste care se toarna 1 cana de apa clocotita. Se infuzeaza o ora, in ter­mos, sau cu vasul invelit in prosop flau­sat. Se bea cate o ceasca de infuzie, de 3-4 ori pe zi, putin incalzita.

* Malarie cu frisoane. Iata o boala ce nu se lasa batuta, in ciuda faptului ca medicina inventeaza vaccinuri si medica­mente tot mai puternice. De aceea e bine sa stim cateva metode de lupta cu febra palustra.

1. Se culeg 20 de frunze tinere, inca lipicioase, de liliac, sise toaca. Peste masa verde se toarna 250 ml de apa clo­cotita. Se infuzeaza (de preferat in ter­mos) timp de 1,5 ore, apoi se strecoara.

Se beau cate 100 ml, de doua ori pe zi, di­mineata, pe stomacul gol, cu o ora ina­in­te de masa, si seara, dupa ultima masa, in timp ce bolnavul sta culcat in pat. Sau se beau de trei ori pe zi, cate 100 ml, ina­inte de mesele princi­pa­le. O cu­ra dureaza 10 zile.

2. A­mes­tec care vindeca ma­laria, chiar si atunci cand toate celelalte me­tode nu mai ajuta: se combina 20 g de frunze proas­pete de liliac, 1 lin­gurita de pelin proaspat, cu 1/2 lingurita de ulei de eucalipt.

Se lasa la macerat intr-un litru de tuica, in sticla inchisa etans, la intu­neric, timp de 2 sap­tamani. Se beau cate 2 linguri, inainte de mesele principale.

* Guta. Se amesteca parti egale de flori si frunze uscate de liliac. Doua lin­guri de amestec se macereaza in 200 ml de alcool de 70gr. sau tuica, timp de o sap­tamana, la intuneric, agitand periodic.

Se filtreaza si se beau cate 20-30 de picaturi de tinctura pe baza de alcool, sau 50 de picaturi pe baza de tuica, de 3 ori pe zi, inainte de masa.

* Artrita, reumatism, dureri lomba­re. Se amesteca 2 linguri de frunze de liliac tocate sau mixate, 300 ml de suc de ridiche neagra, 200 g de miere de albine si 100 ml de tuica.

Amestecul se lasa 24 de ore intr-un borcan cu filet, la intuneric, apoi se foloseste pentru frectii. Inainte de procedura, locurile afectate se incalzesc cu un foen. Inainte de folosire, preparatul se amesteca bine.

Hariprasad Chaurasia - Raag Shivanjali


Ajad - Reiki Vol. 2 (Reiki Music 2 : Music For Love)


Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

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Stevie Nicks: Moonlight | Official Music Video

Practical Magic - Crystal by Stevie Nicks

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Eyes of a Child ~ Moody Blues


Do You Have the Heroic Gene? - Paul Ekman

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