Tuesday, October 9, 2012

O heart lets return to the real abode

1.The Famous Meeting

It was the year 1881. When Sri Ramakrishna, the God intoxicated mystic of Bengal requested a young visitor by the name Naren to sing a song for him, something extra ordinary happened there.
 The young visitor was a sincere seeker who happen to visit him for the first time that day and who was looking for a true Master. After slight hesitation when Naren started to sing, the words of the song had such profound effect on the heart of the mystic that it immediately drowned Sri Ramakrishna in a state of absorption. 
Such state of absorption in Divine Contemplation, such deep ecstatic state within is known as Samadhi where the outwardly consciousness completely vanish and the person is no longer in his body, but dissolve in the contemplation of the One and the Only, losing the sense of many. 
The song that Swami Vivekanada sang that day was "Mano Chalo Nija Niketane" which roughly translate as, "O heart, lets return to the real abode."

This song is known to be a very favorite of both the Mater Sri Ramakrishna and his disciple Swami Vivekananda, may God bless their souls. 
The song was also the link through which Sri Ramakrishna recognized his successor who later to carry out tremendous responsibility and carry on the Sacred Work on behalf of his beloved Master. 
The song carry tremendous wisdom and beauty regarding the truth of life and its seeking of the Real. Below is an approximate translation of Mano Chalo Nija Niketane in English. 
The words of the song worked as a catalyst to awaken within the state for a person who is already in a very high spiritual station. You may listen to this song on Youtube at this link and may the song also illuminate you. This version is sung by famous Indian Classical singer Pundit Ajay Chakrobarti.


Master & Disciple | Sri Ramakrishna & Vivekananda
Mano Chalo Nija Niketana: English Translation from Bengali

Lyrics by Ajoyoddyanath Pakrashi

Music: Traditional

Mano chalo Nija Niketane

Shangshar o bideshe, bidesheri beshe

Bhromo keno okarone?

O heart, lets return to the real abode!

Here in this foreign land, why wander aimlessly
in stranger's guise?

Bishoyo panchoko ar bhutogon
Shob tor par, keu noy apan.
Poro preme keno hoye ocheytan
Bhulicho apono jone?

Your material senses and all earthly bindings
All are strangers to you, none are really yours;
Blinded by infatuations with strangers, 
why do you forget Who is truly yours?

Satto pathe mon koro arohon

Premer alo jali, chalo onukhon

Shangete shombol rakho purno dhan

Gopone rokkhi jatane

Lovo moho aji, pathe dosshugan

Pathiker kore shorbossho mochon

Paromo jatone rakhore prohori

Shama dama dui jone.

Ascend the path of Truth, O mind!

Kindle your lamp of love, always be guided by its light
As your provision for the journey, bring with you
the virtues, carefully concealed; for, like highwaymen,
Greed and delusion wait to rob traveler's wealth.
And keep beside you constantly as guards,
Tranquility of mind and self-control.
Shadhu songe name ache pathadham
Shranto hole totha hole koribe bishram
Patho vranto hole, shudhaibe path
Shei patho nibash gane.

Jodi dekho pathe, bhoyeri akar
Pranpone diyo dohair Rajar
Shey pathe Rajar probolo pratam
Shomono dore jar shashone

Companionship with the saintly being will be for you
a welcome rest-house by the road; 
there rest your weary limbs awhile.
If ever you should be in doubt of the path, ask your way to him
who watches over there. 

If anything along the path should frighten you,
then call upon the Name of the Lord with all your heart;
For He is the Mighty Ruler of that path, 
Even ignorance and death is afraid of His command.

Mano Chalo Nija Niketane

Mano Chalo Nija Niketane

O heart, lets return to the real abode!

O heart, now lets return to the realm of the Lord.

Wa Allahu yadAAoo ila daris-salam

And Allah invites you to the abode of peace.

- The Chapter of Jonah, the Qur'an 10:25