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Investigaţie Asupra Lumii Invizibile-SA REVEDEM ~ karmapolice

Investigaţie Asupra Lumii Invizibile-SA REVEDEM ~ karmapolice

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Healing with Food, Reiki and Galactic Guides Advice

- January 2014

By Agnes Toews Andrews
Patatoes in Peru
Potatoes are more than just watery tubers but a healing food; and Reiki, hands on healing energy medicine ties in nicely to healing cancer.
The first winter near Little Fort, BC, my husband and I began seeing ‘lights’ of various colors blinking on the plateau behind out charming new home. They would hover over our place for a time and then in seconds dash off. Hubby decided we should have an outdoor hot tub to be able to star view and relax outdoors and soon one was positioned on our front lawn.
It was late March 1995 and I was relaxing in my hot tub one evening when I out of the blue had a vision of a circular garden on my front lawn. It had small white flowers blossoming throughout. I determined what the plants were when a friend who had just purchased my book, ‘The Incredible Potato’ called and asked if she could gift me with a variety of heritage potatoes! It was a portent of things to come.
Early May of that year I was digging in my garden when I forcefully pushed a shovel into the ground, hit a stone and burst the cysts on my ovaries. I was now in a healing crisis as never before with peritonitis.
A Chinese Herbalist, Dr. Hanna Kroeger, had diagnosed me with cancer numerous years. While I lived in Israel my spiritual guides accessed me in my dreams twice writing CANCER in large letters across the sky. I woke up shaking and highly distressed after these dreams, but I did little, only lots of Reiki to my uterus and ovary region where I often felt pain. I began now though to pay attention.
I dragged myself to the house and my husband administered homeopathic remedies immediately and my Reiki students and friends sent Reiki. I managed thusly to deal with the initial pain. While sitting on my lawn a few days later meditating on what to do next, a galactic guide suddenly stood in front of me. He said he was Monka, an herbalist from Mars.(Monka had an incarnation in Peru as Incan priest king Viracocha). He was a large tall man, dark skinned, human looking and very handsome. He directed me to a healing diet that was to consist mainly of potatoes, wild greens, focusing on wild purple violets -- the flowers and leaves, wheat and watermelon. I immediately began to follow this diet. I was thrilled at the revelation of my connection to the potato. It was exactly 10 years previously that I had written and published my potato book.
Potatoes are a highly nourishing alkaline food, high in an anti-oxidant -- alpha lipoic acid, minerals and vitamins. They are a perfect healing food for hot and dry interior bodily conditions, stomach problems, ulcers and cysts. Potatoes are also suckers, they draw toxins and poisons out of the body. I usually ate the potatoes baked with only a little Celtic© sea salt and a dab of butter. I made potato juice daily. As it was May in the mountains I could find wild violets throughout the wet areas and each day I drove to higher elevations to gather my dinner. I also ate plantain, strawberry, chickweed, lamb’s quarters, dandelion and sorrel leaves. I discovered that many of these wild greens have more nutrients than domestic ones. Wheat was eaten for its B vitamins and watermelon is a highly cleansing nourishing food, consisting of high amounts of chlorophyll.
At the request of my husband I also saw a medical doctor. She sent me for a mammogram and an ultra sound. Those processes showed that I had tumors in my uterus and in my left breast.
I immediately did Reiki for my breast and saw an ‘elemental’, a little yellowish spirit that was lodged in my breast, leave. I also intuited at that time that the elemental was from the birth control pills that I had taken for so many years. I returned for another mammogram a few weeks later and the lump in my breast was gone.
I stayed on my holistic potato cleansing diet for about six weeks and began to feel better. Then I decided to investigate the macrobiotic diet that I had heard about. A Reiki student was a macrobiotic consultant and teacher and she now advised me on the macrobiotic diet. I liked what I heard. She had a macro store at her home, hence I asked her to fill up a box with the foods that I now needed to include. What a delight to pick through my box of goodies! There were seaweeds, Miso pastes, whole organic grains, wheat berries, quinoa, millet, short grain brown rice, teas and a few cookbooks with Macrobiotic theory. Macrobiotics is the study of life and the natural laws of change. This community considers all phenomena from an all encompassing holistic perspective rather than a fragmented, analytical point of view. This was my kind of community. At the beginning of one of the books I read that Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”.
In addition to a super food organic diet, there are aspects of cancer, emotional ones that need to be addressed. I knew about cancer and emotions because both of my parents had emotional and dietary issues and died young of cancer. Because of the many years of Reiki that I had facilitated I also knew that there was a relation to where we hold unresolved negative emotions to where the cancer in our bodies is. I avidly explored that as well and healed the circumstances. Japanese traditional macrobiotic healers have known about food and emotion cures for centuries.
As the summer progressed I spent a lot of time outdoors, just being. My spiritual guides encouraged me to sleep outdoors and so I set up a tent on the plateau behind my home where I had greater access to the cosmos. I drank a “morning tea” that consisted of bancha tea with a dab of Ume plum paste, fresh ginger and kudzu root powder. 
This tea alkalized my system first thing in the morning. Breakfast consisted of burdock kinpura, a combination of lightly sautéed in sesame oil burdock root and carrots with boiled brown rice and gomashio -- a toasted sesame and Celtic© sea salt condiment. I grew root vegetables, kale, squash and I had my front lawn garden of potatoes. I began harvesting potatoes at the beginning of July. I was weak throughout the summer, but in late August a crystal healer from northern B.C. stayed at my Bed and Breakfast, and she did a crystal healing layout for me. I asked her how soon I would regain my energy. She said in about a month’s time. I was elated, had renewed courage at hearing this good news and it was true, by the end of September I had regained my energy and was feeling strong.
I was religious about my diet throughout these five months. No alcohol, sugar, or sweet treats, coffee or meat. I still follow this way of eating, twenty years later.
In celebration of my regained health my husband and I made a trip to Saltspring Island where in a ceremony on the Goddess beach, I reclaimed my power and made a commitment from this time on to honour my physical body in all ways.

Agnes Toews Andrews
Agnes's Bio: Agnes Toews Andrews is a metaphysician master, Usui reiki master, connector to the angelic and devic realms, meditation teacher, activator and the author of 6 national best-selling books. She is also a world sacred site traveler and goddess. Agnes is from near Nelson, BC in the west Kootaneys, Canada - 250*777*2606 - Agnes Toews Andrews WebsiteShare